Mosaic - Geogrid

Geogrid is a high-strength polymer product used as soil reinforcement for taller walls.

Horizontal layers of geogrid provide tensile strength to hold the reinforced soil together, so it behaves as one mass. Geogrid also connects the wall units to the reinforced soil.

Geogrid is supplied in rolls and is manufactured to provide long-term durability, soil interaction, connection to wall units and resistance to installation damage. Geogrid comes in a variety of strengths and usually is stronger in one direction. Using the correct geogrid type in the proper orientation is important.

The required geogrid length, vertical spacing and strength will vary with each project depending on wall height, loading, slopes and soils.

More information about geogrid and its proper installation is HERE.

On Mosaic walls, geogrid may only be placed every 10 inches between the four-unit panels. A professional civil engineer (P.E.) must prepare the final geogrid-reinforced wall design for each project.