Standard - Leveling Pad

VERSA-LOK units are supported on granular leveling pads.

These pads aid in leveling, distribute the weight of the units and provide a stiff, yet somewhat flexible base for the units. The leveling pads are made of compacted gravel at least 6 inches thick and 24 inches wide. The most common leveling-pad material is road-base aggregate—crushed gravel with some sand and a small amount of fine soil.

Rigid concrete footings that extend below the frost line are not needed. The flexibility of the granular leveling pad and the mortarless wall units accommodates freeze/thaw cycles without damage to structures.

As an option, you may use a pad of unreinforced weak concrete (200-300 psi) that is no more than 2 inches thick so it remains flexible. In the rare situations where rigid, reinforced concrete footings are required, they should be placed below the seasonal frost depth.